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Skiing is an upcoming skiing video game developed by Aesir Interactive. It is scheduled to be released for the Intellivision Amico in October 2020 as one of the console's six included games, alongside Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, Cornhole, Farkle, and one unknown game that will be revealed later on in 2020 (announced as in the coming months).


The game will have three modes: Ski Cross, Hot Seat and Credits. In Ski Cross, up to four players will be able to race at the same time. In Hot Seat, up to eight players will be able to compete for the best time, one at a time, not sharing one controller. Credits will presumably credit those who worked on the game, and possibly also what was used to make the game. Ten slopes will be available, the first one being called Bunny Slope, and the second one being called Joyride (or possibly Joyride Slope). Obstacles will include trees, logs, big cliff jumps, icy ground, avalanches and the hidden Yeti.

The gameplay of Ski Cross mode has been officially described as tempting the player to bump other players off a cliff or into a tree. Additionally, the following comment on the game has been officially made:

Who do you want to ski with first?[1]


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